Join Us in Occupying!

This page serves as a guide to those occupying, in person, online, full time, or part time.

Occupy Wall Street has grown into a large organization with many parts.  This page is meant to try to provide a quick reference as to what is available, and whom to talk to about different parts of the movement or services it provides.  We will attempt to keep this up to date, but as there are many different sources of information, and things are constantly changing, please just consider this a starting point.  Please help us keep this accurate and complete by notifying us of any updates.

Queer/LGBTIQA Caucus


LGBTIQA2Z Caucus – Coffee Klatch
2:00 pm Saturdays at Liberty Square
Social Event.  Bring coffee, food, donations.  Come hang out and chat and meet fellow occupiers.  Meets by the old Queer table, near the corner of Broadway and Liberty.

Queer OWS Working Group
4:00 pm 60 Wall St Atrium
Working group for queer issues, education, outreach, and action.


– Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/292346130795236/
– NYCGA.net – The official site of the NYC General Assembly, and the official site of the Queer/LGBTIQA2Z Caucus : http://www.nycga.net/groups/queering-ows/


– Main OWS Housing information page
– Host an Occupier
Shelter List PDF


OWS has a limited number of weekly metrocards available each week.  All those in need of Metrocards for OWS business or access to housing must follow a procedure.  The procedure of obtaining Metrocards and the times and locations where they are made available have varied over time.  On the page we make an attempt to explain the current system, but this may change in the future.  This page is not the official process.  It is simply here for reference.

Metrocard procedure
– Each person who requests a metrocard will need to have a completed authorization for signed by a point person from a working group.
– Each point person can sign for up to 7 people to receive Metrocards.
– Cards will be available on a first come, first serve basis, will be distributed from 6p-9p  at the location of GA or Spokes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday by a committee of representatives from the Housing working group.
– People who have received a metrocard in the previous week are required to verify possession of that card before receiving a new card.
– NOTE: having a completed form will not guarantee a metrocard.

Metrocard proposal that passed GA 1/3/2012
Metrocard distribution policy, Housing working group


Food Support Resources
Kitchen Working Group

OWS Structure

The General Assembly (GA) is the main organizing body of OWS.
– It meets to pass proposals using a consensus process.  The General Assembly Guide describes this process.
– The GA meets Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at 7pm at 60 Wall St.  Weather, or police or security action may cause the GA to move on a temporary basis.
– Proposals must be submitted via the proposal process and posted online in the future proposals page at least 24 hours in advance of a GA.  A process for time sensitive emergency proposals exists.
Minutes Working Group keeps a record of each GA and posts them online on the GA Minutes Page.
– GA’s are also live tweeted and may be live streamed on accounts @LibertySqGA @LibertySqGA2 @LibertySqGA3 @LibertySqGA4.  The Quick Find page contains a record of tweets and links to minutes and summaries as available.

The Spokes Council (SC) manages operational concerns of OWS.
10/28/2011 GA proposal establishing the spokes council
–  SC meets on Monday and Wednesday.  Spokes council locations vary.  Check nycga.net for the next meeting.
– At SC, each Working Group or Caucus chooses a representative for the meeting.  Each person may only act as a representative once every seven days.
– The SC is empowered to make decisions regarding: 1) Decisions related to the logistical operation of Occupy Wall Street  2) Approval of Occupy Wall Street budgets and expenditures 3) The addition or subtraction of Operations Groups and Caucuses to the Spokes Council 4) Amendments to the functioning of the Spokes Council that do not alter the power of the GA
– The SC uses the same consensus process as the GA.
– Minutes Working Group keeps a record of each SC and posts them online on the SC Minutes Page.
– SC’s are also live tweeted and may be live streamed on accounts @LibertySqGA @LibertySqGA2 @LibertySqGA3 @LibertySqGA4.  The Quick Find page contains a record of tweets and links to minutes and summaries as available.

Resources for Working Groups

– We have access to Metrocards for our members.  See the Transportation section.

Shipping Inventory and Storage (SIS) working group manages a warehouse at 50 Broadway.
– The Queer Caucus has items stored there for the purpose of creating a mobile presence in Liberty Square and elsewhere.
Hours: Monday – Friday: 10am – 8pm, Saturday & Sunday: 10am – 3pm, No access on Thursdays from 2:30 until 4:30 for our weekly open meeting which will be held at Charlotte’s Place @ 3pm – 4pm, No access 2 hours prior to all major actions SO PLAN AHEAD,  No access to the building on federal holidays

– If you are printing, just email print @ nycga.net.  The only requirement is you have an nycga email address.
– Printouts may be picked up at the Occupied Office.

Working Groups

These are just some of the OWS working groups.  We have called out some which provide a central function to the movement, or to which we have a special connection at the queer caucus.  We are open to additions to the list.

Facilitation : A neutral body that helps operate the General Assembly and Spokes Council meetings.  Provides training in the consensus process used.  Diversity in this group is very important, and everyone is encouraged to help as a facilitator.
– WOW (Women Occupying Wall Street) : WOW exists to create a safe space for the empowerment of female-assigned and/or female-identified individuals, for community awareness, and for collective action on the issues that affect women most. The issues that affect women affect all of society.
– People of Color Working Group : The role of the POC working group at OWS to bring in/provide a supportive and empowering space for people of color and to bring people of color and a racial justice lens to the leadership of this movement.


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  2. OccupyEquality, a Facebook group, is uniting LGBTIQ activists and Occupy allies worldwide. Please join us https://www.facebook.com/groups/occupyequality. Please also join OccupyEquality New York, an OccupyEquality alliance group, where we are uniting state-wide.

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