The Queer/LGBTIQA2Z Caucus at Occupy Wall Street  is a group that is open to anyone regardless of culture, gender identity or sexual orientation, expressly to empower queer individuals, discuss queer community issues and educate individuals about queer culture and concepts. Our aim is to help build and support a queer presence at Occupy Wall Street movement, centered in Liberty Plaza, NYC.

Find us on Facebook and on the NYC GA Site .

About the letters:

  • L – Lesbian
  • G – Gay
  • B – Bisexual
  • T – Transgender
  • I – Intersex
  • Q – Queer or Questioning
  • A – Asexual or Allies
  • 2 – Two-Spirited
  • Z – Zhe, Zher, Gender Neutral Pronouns

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