OccuPride NYC 2012!! Sunday June 24th – 11am

Facebook Event

Where: 37th St between 5th and Madison

(Marshals will be on hand around 10:30 am to help coordinate access for those in wheelchairs or needing additional assistance) – Please call 646-820-LGBT or e-mail info@queerows.org to coordinate assistance.

What: Occupy Wall Street Solidarity March (All LGBTQ related themes and messages welcome!)

Bring your signs, your bikes, your flags and banners and (most of all) your sexy selves! ♥

Who: Occupiers and Allies (Come one, come all!)

All OWS working groups and banners are welcome!

Additional Info:

@ 12 noon we will have a sign making party as well as (hopefully) a Plus Training for those who need it!

Please e-mail info@queerows.org if you are interested in bottom-lining additional info-shares/actions.

Thanks and Happy Pride!!

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